Design and create your own silver jewelry

This one day course at Lessebo Handpapermill if for
anyone who enjoys working with their hands and
enjoy that satisfying feeling of creating something
that will last. Available dates are August 7, 8, 9, 10, 12
13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18. The price is SEK 1450
For registration call us on tel no 0478-77 00 10

Yoga walk in July

We started at Lessebo Camping with a short morning
friendly yoga set. After that we will take a mediative
walk in silence listening only to the water and the sound of
summer birds singing.
Available dates are July 13, 20, 27.
For registration call us on tel no 0478-77 00 10
The price is SEK 100/time.

Make your own paper.

Paper has been made at Lessebo Handpapermill for
over 300 years. The art of making paper originally comes
from China but found it´s way through Europe during
the 1500´s. During this four hours workshop we will
go through the basics and you will be able to try the old
methods of making your own paper.
For registration call us on tel no 0478-77 00 10
Available dates are July 13, 19, 27 August 4, 11, 19, 26.
The price is SEK 750.

Make your own book

Bookbinding is a traditional and old craft resulting not
only in something practical but also something beautiful.
This workshop will take you through the steps you need
to know in order to bind your own book using needle,
thread, paper and other materials.
For registration call us on tel no 0478-77 00 10.
Available dates are July 14, 20, 28 August 6, 12, 20,30.
The price is SEK 750.

Vernissage again.

Sunday May 9th at 2 pm we have a vernissage again.
There are 3 artists exhibiting together,
Björn Lundblad photography, Svante Heed “fotonär”
and Bo Bergstrand painting.

Easter open

During Easter holidays we are open every day.
There are Easter crafts prepared for all
children. We offer 2 crafts then you can bay
at cost price.
Open hours:
Monday – Thursday 11am – 15pm
Friday – Sunday 11am – 16pm
Easter Monday is closed.