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Welcome to handpappersbruket

Lessebo Hand Paper Mill is located in a stone building dating back to 1897, within the compound of the larger papermill in Lessebo. It is strategically located next to the river Ronneby-ån, which back in the day kept the wheels of the factory turning using water power.

Here we have both a functioning factory – which still provides our customers with beautiful paper used for diplomas, invitations, or photographs – and a place to encounter new experiences, have a bite to eat, or browse our shop for wonderful handcrafted items from the province of Småland.

This is a place to meet in every sense of the word – precisely at the crossroads of The Kingdom of Crystal.

You are very welcome to visit us!
We are open every thursday and friday. If you have any queries about our paper, events, or anything else, please call us on 0478 77 00 10.
We are located at Storgatan 79 in Lessebo, next to Lessebo Paper.

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