Handmade paper delivered to you

At this very moment we are working on creating an online shop, so that the handmade paper our artisans produce with both love and passion will be available to purchase. In order to set up this online shop, we have put in place agreements with various couriers, so that our quality products can be delivered not only within Scandinavia and Europe, but to most of the world.

Individual as well as business clients will be able to order first class writing paper, cards, and water colour paper. We also offer additional services, such as various techniques for printing, and designing personal watermarks for businesses, states, organisations, and governmental bodies.

We can already produce and deliver to business clients, and will be happy to discuss a quote to tailor to your needs.

For more information contact Christina Gutiérrez Malmbom
Email: christina.g.malmbom@lessebohandpappersbruk.se

Tel. 070-169 93 15