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Privacy and cookie policy

Bildningsbruket AB is the company promoting the brand Lessebo Handmade Paper as well as Lessebo Hand Paper Mill. Bildningsbruket also runs the business of Lessebo Hand Paper Mill, and would like to protect the privacy of customers. For this reason, we strive to always protect your personal data in the best possible way, as well as follow applicable legislation regarding data protection. Through this privacy policy, we would like to inform you of how your personal data will be used by Bildningsbruket AB.


What is personal data, and how is it used?

 Personal data is any information that directly or indirectly can be connected to a living physical person. Images and sound recordings stored in a computer can be personal data also when no name is included. Encrypted information and various kinds of electronic identities (i.e. an IP address) is also personal data in case it can be connected to a physical person.

Usage of personal data is anything that happens to the information. Every action taken with regards to personal data is considered usage, regardless of whether it happens automatically or not. Actions commonly taken with regards to personal data are for example collection, registration, organisation, structuring, storing, processing, transmission, and deletion.


What type of personal data do we gather?

Bildningsbruket AB gathers information about you when you buy our goods, visit our website, or interact with us in any other fashion.


The following data is gathered:

  • name
  • address/delivery details
  • products tendered/ordered
  • telephone number
  • email address
  • IP number

Other information submitted by you (for example bank card numbers) is linked to our payment services provided by Klarna and Sparbanken Eken. The gathering of this type of information is dealt with by our payment services, and Bildningsbruket AB does not gather any personal data regarding payments.

Bildningsbruket AB uses information about the goods you purchase, view, or add to your basket. We also use information regarding your past purchases, your pattern of purchases, and your preferences as one of our customers. We also use the IP address, language settings, geographical information, and other data you provide us with during your visit to


For what purpose do we collect personal data?

  • To process your order and deal with returned goods.
  • To keep you informed about the delivery status via text message or email.
  • To communicate with you in case of problems with the delivery, and to answer your questions.
  • To prevent inappropriate use of our services.
  • To comply with accountancy law.
  • To comply with third party contracts, such as with Speditör (DHL Freight, DHL Express).
  • To deliver a more personal experience of our services to the customer.
  • To adjust to your needs and preferences.


Legal foundations:

Fulfillment of sales contract

We need to gather some personal data in order to fulfill our obligations in accordance with the sales contract. If this data is not provided, we cannot fulfill our obligations, and will therefore have to cancel the purchase.

Legal obligation

It is obligatory to gather some personal data in order to comply with the law. If this data is not provided, we cannot fulfill our legal obligations, and will therefore have to cancel the purchase.

In accordance with law relating to, for example, accountancy, we are obliged to store some data for seven years. Another legitimate reason for storing information could be unpaid debts.


Which sources of personal data are used?

In addition to the information you yourself provide us with, or that we gather from your previous purchases and your interaction with our services, we may also gather data from a third party.


Following data is gathered from a third party:

  1. Public registers are accessed in order to make sure we have your correct address.
  2. Information regarding you credit score is accessed from credit rating agencies, banks, or companies providing information.


Customer approval of use of email address:

At completion of a purchase, you agree to the use of your email address by Bildningsbruket AB for the following purposes:

  • Email address list for marketing purposes.
  • Other marketing purposes, such as customised marketing via social media, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Facebook audience network, etc.
  • Data will be stored for as long as the customer does not unsubscribe from the newsletter. The customer can at any time unsubscribe from the newsletter by contacting us via email or over the phone, or by following instructions in the footnote of the newletter.
  • Data will be stored for as long as the customer does not unsubscribe from other marketing, such as customised marketing via social media. The customer can at any time unsubscribe to such marketing by contacting us via email or telephone.


Request to access data stored

The customer has the right to at any time request information about any personal data stored by Bildningsbruket AB.


Correct data

In case there is incorrect data stored, the customer can contact us in order to have that data corrected.


Who is responsible for the data we store?

Bildningsbruket AB

Organisation number 559221-7953

Storgatan 79, 365 33 Lessebo, Sweden

Telephone: +46 478 770010



Who might we share your data with?

In case it is necessary for us to share your data in order to offer our services, we share your data with companies acting as personal data assistants on our behalf.

A personal data assistant is a company storing information on our behalf and according to our instructions.

We use personal data assistants for assistance with:

  1. Transport (logistics companies and courier companies).
  2. Payment solutions (card providers, banks, and other payment services).
  3. Marketing (print and distribution, social media, media agencies and marketing agencies).
  4. IT services (companies providing essential functions, technical support, and maintenance of our IT solutions).
  5. Sub-contractors (printing businesses, photo studios). Your data will only be shared with personal data assistants for purposes in line with the purpose the data was originally gathered for (i.e. to fulfill our commitments according to the purchase agreement).

We assess all personal data assistants to make sure that they can provide sufficient guarantees in terms of security and privacy with regards to personal data.

Our contracts with all our personal data assistants contain clauses whereby the safekeeping of data collected is guaranteed by the personal data assistants, who commit to complying with our security demands, as well as limitations and demands regarding international transfer of personal data.

Companies independently responsible for data protection

We also share your data with certain companies that are independently responsible for data protection. If a company is independently responsible for data protection, we cannot control how information shared with that company will be processed.

Independent entities with data protection responsibilities that we share your data with are:

  1. Governmental bodies (police, tax authorities, or other governmental authorities) in cases where we are legally obliged to share the data, or in case there is suspicion of illegal activitiy.
  2. Companies providing transport of goods (logistics companies and couriers).
  3. Companies providing payment services (card companies, banks, and other providers of payment services).
  4. Companies offering services for printing on products in connection with a purchase.

In cases where your personal data is shared with a company that has independent data protection responsibilities, the privacy policy and the data protection policy of that company will apply.


What is the best way to contact us with questions regarding data protection?

You can call us or send an email.

Telephone: +46 478 77 00 10



Transferring personal data to a third country

We, our sub-contractors, and partners generally process your data only within the EU/EEA. In cases where personal data is shared outside the EU/EEA, there will either exist a previous decision by the Commission stating that the third country ensures an adequate level of protection, or suitable protective measures that can be taken to ensure that your rights are protected. We transfer personal data to the United States supported by EU Commission clauses regarding allowed transfers to a third country. If you would like to obtain a copy of the protective measures taken by Bildningsbruket AB, or information about where these are made available, please contact us.


For how long do we store your personal data?

We never process data for a longer period of time than allowed according to applicable laws, regulations, practice, or decisions made by authorities. Data can be stored for longer periods of time if stipulated by for example consumer laws or accountancy laws. Personal data is stored and accessed within the IT system of Bildningsbruket AB.

You can at any time contact us and ask us to remove your personal data.



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