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Different printing techniques


We collaborate with other artisans, and can offer a variety of printing techniques.

Our paper products are often further developed in different ways. Using handcrafted paper makes your business card unique, and a wedding invitation becomes more personal.

The character of our paper gives your messages, invitations, menus, and greetings a special emphasis through the cohesiveness between the feel of this paper and how it looks when presented to the recipient.

Paper is used to tell a story – a message, an invitation, a menu, and much more. As handmade paper from Lessebo is produced by artisans, it also requires artisans to print your message on it. We provide several printing techniques, so that you can find the most suitable option for your message.


Letterpress printing is a traditional technique where the text is composed manually by combining movable type, adding ink, and pressing it against the paper. This results in a unique surface, and the sense of genuine craftsmanship is obvious. We recommend this technique for use with all our products when an appealing impression is desired. It is also cost effective when producing a series of items.

Embossing and Debossing

By pressing paper between engraved metal plates, we can produce a a relief on all our paper products consisting of a logo, image, or text. This could be either embossed or debossed. The embossing dies are produced copying the original image provided by the customer.

Digital printing

Modern techniques can of course also work in combination with handcrafted paper. As the paper is torn by hand, it normally needs to be handled manually and with knowledge of its characteristics. We most commonly work with fine art printing (giclée) on water colour paper for photos, but also when producing series of different kinds of invitations.

This printing method is equally useful for printing a menu, an invitation, or business card.

Personal watermark

Originally this consisted of a thread bent into the desired shape, and then sown onto a frame. This technique is still the same, but has been further developed. Today, using waterjet cutting, we can create an imprint of almost any image and sow it onto frames suitable for all of our paper products.


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