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Lessebo Hand Paper Mill gained official permission to produce paper in 1719, and is located in a stone building from 1897 within the compound of the larger paper mill in Lessebo. The hand paper mill is located in the middle of the Kingdom of Crystal along Road 25 between Växjö and Kalmar. It is also easily accessible by train, as the coast-to-coast line between Göteborg and Kalmar stops at the station in Lessebo.

From the summer of 2020, Lessebo Campsite is part of the business. In case you visit in a campervan or with a caravan, it is now possible to spend the night in Lessebo.

To this day, the more than 300-year-old hand paper mill is running on a commercial basis. The production methods are traditional, using a Hollander beater, furnish, and deckle frames. The artisans create each sheet of the acid-free, age-resistant paper by hand, using ingredients such as cotton, linen, and glue. In addition to its water colour paper, the hand paper mill is famous for its writing paper called Bikupan, which has the original Lessebo logo as a watermark and is known as the symbol of Lessebo municipality. It is said that famous authors and artists such as August Strindberg, Vilhelm Moberg, and Cornelis Vreeswijk created their works on Lessebo handmade writing paper.

The Hand Paper Mill is open to visitors all year round. We offer guided tours, art exhibitions, a shop selling handmade paper, books by local authors, works by artists from the province of Småland, workshops, concerts, and seminars.

In the café you can find satisfying sandwiches, soups, sallads, buns, cakes, and ice cream. There is space both indoors in the Hollander Room, as well as on our outdoor terrace. It is our ambition to have a locally inspired menu, using good and tasty ingredients. We can of course arrange to cater to larger groups, and many choose to hold conferences in this historical environment.

The venue is shared with the owners of the hand paper mill, Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Kronoberg. As well as organising workshops and study groups, they also present art exhibitions and concerts all year round, featuring both local and international artists. We want Lessebo Hand Paper Mill to be living cultural heritage, available and open to all.

Not only is Lessebo Hand Paper Mill cultural heritage, but it is also a place to meet in every sense of the word. You are very welcome!