Bikupan is our oldest quality writing paper, and this quality inspired August Strindberg to write his complete works on this paper.

 To this day, Bikupan is produced using one of our oldest frames, resulting in the characteristic raw edge. First and foremost, the watermark stands for the quality of products from the hand paper mill, and originally it was in the form of a family crest. This watermark is available either featuring the year 1719, when we received our charter from the National Board of Trade, or the current year, 2020.

Today this paper is mainly used for documents, filing board meeting minutes, and other occasions when the feel and look of the paper is extra important.

Let our paper follow you through the significant events in life, from certificate of Christening, marriage certificate, and all the way to the last will and testament, with the year of the event as a watermark. And of course for any other significant events in between.

Who would not appreciate receiving a letter that is handwritten on handmade paper?

We still stock separate sheets of Bikupan carrying previous years as a watermark – you might be able to find the year of your birth. Please send an email with your request, and we will search our archives.

We also offer the opportunity to create your own watermark for use on Bikupan paper. Read about our services here.